Noah Cole and a photograph of a loon he took

“In work and life, I’m inspired by nature, wilderness, the environment, insight, dedication, healthy natural systems, mentors and acts of altruism.” – Noah Cole

Why Quetico?

Quetico’s backcountry wilderness camping and canoe routes are unique Canadian locations in the province of Ontario where you can experience old growth forest, drink straight from many lakes, see eagles, moose, loons, songbirds, wildflowers, Canadian Shield, beaches and sunsets all within the same day – and develop leadership, bonding and memorable experiences while you’re at it.

What does the foundation mean to you?

The Quetico Foundation provides first-rate stewardship for Quetico. The Quetico Foundation enables wilderness canoe trips, leadership-building, biology research, cultural awareness and creative opportunities for young people, for neighbouring communities and for Ontarians. The Quetico Foundation protects wilderness with a particular focus on Quetico Provincial Park.

What is your favourite spot in the park?

There are so many wonderful places in Quetico it is hard to choose just one. Anywhere in the park where I can enjoy spending time to see a diversity of wild species, where we can drink from the lake and where we can enjoy comfortable wilderness camping is sure to be a favourite.

Most memorable Quetico experience?

On a recent canoe trip, my Dad and I stayed at a glorious campsite with a panoramic view of the lake. In the evening hours, I remember watching the golden light embrace the pines and the warmth of the sunset kiss the shores and islands. We saw a pair of eagles sitting in a pine tree above the site and we saw otters, loons, dragonflies and myriad other species from this spectacular site. Honestly, there are so many glorious sites but this certainly is a favourite.

What is the ONE thing you want others to know about Quetico?

It needs to be protected. Quetico’s wilderness is mighty, there are massive lakes with big waves, enormous forests that would take lifetimes to discover and study. However, the wilderness is fragile and needs our help to protect it from nearby mining that could poison and pollute the lakes, climate crisis bearing hot weather and severe storms litter that could burn, dry out and warm up very large areas and litter from visitors that would foul campsites and offend other campers. Quetico needs your help to maintain integrity.

Years you’ve been involved with QF?

2014 – Current

Why are wilderness spaces important to you?

Wilderness spaces are places people can go to relax and be inspired, places that we have a lot to learn from, places that are home to a broad diversity of species that help keep the ecosystems inherently healthy and vibrant.

Last book you read?

My Family and Others Animals by Gerald Durrell

Favourite interest or hobby?

Photography and philosophy

Something you’ve learned that’s stuck with you?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by our children.

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