International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Danni Gartshore, Master’s of Biology candidate at Lakehead University

Danni is currently researching the impacts of the invasive Spiny Water Flea on the growth of fish. She conducted her field work in Quetico Provincial Park in the summer of 2021, and is also looking at historical data dating back to the early 1970s.

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Artist in Residence Update


It was another different year for the program with the pandemic continuing to affect travel at the border and within Canada. This year 2 artists in residence were successfully scheduled for the month of August for 2-week residencies at the park.

Unfortunately, circumstances made it so that both artists canceled their residencies just before arriving. One artist canceled due to a family emergency and another canceled because of the fire and smoke situation at the park in late August. We are hoping to offer the artist in residence program for all of the peak season in 2022 after another unusual year this year.

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Shan Walshe Bursary

this year’s winner of the Shan Walshe Bursary, Kelly Brigham

by: Kelly Brigham (letter from this year’s winner of the Shan Walshe Bursary)

Dear Selection Committee,

This fall I will be attending the University of Guelph, as I have accepted my offer of admission. While just beginning my post-secondary education, I look forward to completing my Bachelor of Science specializing in Environmental Sciences. This is a four-year program, and I couldn’t be more excited to attend and learn more about our environment. I knew I was interested in environmental sciences as my career path because of how much I love the outdoors. I grew up living on a lake where I developed my love for hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing and so much more at a very young age, much like Shan Walshe. Some of my favourite memories of these activities took place in Quetico Provincial Park.

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Spiny water flea impacts on fish: Year 1

MSc student Danielle Gartshore and Ben Wood, a graduate of Dalhousie University

by: Michael Rennie, Associate Professor Lakehead University; Canada Research Chair in Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries

We are now into our second year of work in Quetico Provincial Park to investigate the impact of spiny water flea (or Bythotrephes to us scientists). Thanks to generous funding from the Quetico Foundation, we initiated our first full year of fieldwork in Quetico, with some different approaches than originally planned and modifications due to COVID, but were highly successful in gathering critical information to answer our research questions. Much of the fieldwork this summer was focused on collecting aging structures for walleye from lakes that will help us to answer questions about the potential negative impacts of Bythotrephes on early growth rates of Walleye, being led by MSc student Danielle Gartshore.

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Biology Interns

Katie Tripp

by: Katie Tripp

Most of the summer was spent working on the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas and moving songbird meters around the park. In addition to this work, other projects completed this summer include collecting depth and water clarity information from lake trout lakes so that each individual lake trout population’s risk from climate change can be assessed; sampling lakes for the presence of invasive Spiny Water Flea and monitoring trends in salamanders in the park. We also assisted the Lakehead University Quetico Foundation Research Partnership students in data collection for their thesis.

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John B. Ridley Research Library 2021

Library shelves with books

By: David C. Toop

This year was a memorable one for Quetico Park. We entered the season with Province-wide Covid restrictions in place. Day use was allowed, while the opening of the Dawson Trial campground was delayed by several weeks. Many of our guests are American, and the USA border did not open until well into August. This was too late and too restrictive to open our remote entry stations this season. From June onward, forest fires caused the closure of the southern part of the backcountry, and by late August, the entire backcountry. The Ridley Library opened again to park visitors, many of whom were in awe of our collection of local and indigenous archives.

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Women of Ontario Parks

Photograph of Lise Sorenson sitting next to a campfire with a red canoe in the background

“It’s such a privilege to spend my work day helping people connect to the land…especially when that land is the resonant and enduring wilderness of Quetico Provincial Park.” – Lise Sorenson

Happy International Women’s Day

Ontario Parks, couldn’t do without their women team members. They work as biologists, instructors, wardens, superintendents, planners, managers, and more.

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Quetico Provincial Park Awarded International Dark Sky Park Designation

Quetico Foundation is pleased to announce Quetico Provincial Park has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

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International Women and Girls in Science Day 2021

Photograph of Katie Tripp and Kelsey Atatise, Quetico Foundation Research Team working in the forest, collecting data

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Katie Tripp and Kelsey Atatise, Quetico Foundation Research Team

With the support of the Quetico Foundation, Kelsey and Katie have been involved in a number of research and monitoring projects important for the management of Quetico Provincial Park.

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Digitizing Oral History

Collage of photos of some of the voices heard on the tapes.

Quetico’s oral histories have been locked away on archival cassettes at the John B. Ridley Research Library — until now. Courtesy of history enthusiasts from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, they have come out of the vault and into our ears.

By digitizing our 400 (yes, 400) interviews, we hoped to preserve and share Quetico’s stories, in order to build connections to the people who travel here. Also, magnetic cassettes have a finite lifespan. As many of the interviews were conducted in the late ’70s and early ’80s, digitizing became a priority for the archive.

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