John Doelman’s poetry is deeply personal and evocative. He carries you with him, whether at that split second of inspiration, or during the slowing down of twilight. To John, moments of life are snapshots of so much more. This poem is from his new book, “Quetico Connection,” where he brings the intimacy of the wilderness to the reader, via his favorite place, Quetico Provincial Park.


Realized dreams,
the silence of the open lake,
a breath of the cleanest air,
dunking your cup into pure water,
witnessing the past meeting the future,
melding millennia into one moment.

You are here, accepting the gift.
Twelve days are loaded into this
seemingly frail vessel to carry
you to the haunts of dreams,
where breezes rustle the jack pines,
sunrises and sunsets stir the heart,
and millions of stars shatter the dark.

This is the place, your place where
the trials of society gently slide
to the dimmer reaches of your mind.
Gear is loaded, balanced,
and you silently push off and sit.
Reaching back you grasp your paddle,
perceiving its perfect utility, look ahead,
and dip deep into the soul
of Quetico.

By: John Doelman     

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