Red Pine Display at Quetico Provinical Park Visitor Centre

Construction is almost finished on an interpretative display that will focus on educating visitors about the role of forest fires in traditional indigenous culture and in sustaining the red and white pine populations. The exhibit will update an aged interpretive display at the Dawson Trail Campground. The Friends of Quetico and the Quetico Foundation are working together to financially support this important project.

Surface fires are critically important to regenerating and sustaining the red and white pines in the Park. Because of the lack of fires in the past several decades, this has become of great importance.

The Lac La Croix First Nation Natural Resource Department, the Park Biologist and Quetico Foundation interns have been working on a three-year scientific study in this field. Particular emphasis has been placed on how human activities have influenced fire frequency and the maintenance of ecological integrity throughout the Park.

The study is especially important as in the coming year the fire plan for the Park will be reviewed.

The structural renovations and display construction are now complete and most of the display will be finished this summer. The final red pine samples are currently held back at the University of Minnesota, due to the USA/Canada border closure. Regardless, the display plans to open to the public in Spring 2021.