Quetico Foundation’s annual Canoe Day raises funds to benefit the Student Summer Research Program and brings friends, canoeists, supporters, trustees and community together to enjoy paddling Ontario’s canoe routes, with a chance to enjoy great weather, see wildlife and enjoy a gourmet lunch. Quetico Foundation Canoe Day participants saw a ton of wildlife including song sparrows, sandpipers, Canada geese, fish, a green frog, green darner dragonflies, emerging lilypads, trumpeter swans, barn swallows, tree swallows and a porcupine. The Nonquon River is serene and smooth, surrounded by cattails, birch, dogwood, cedars and pines, as well as some riverine wetlands areas.

The Quetico Foundation board of trustees held our Annual General Meeting on May 1st, 2015 at the Canadian Canoe Museum and had the chance to tour the exhibits and see more canoes than you ever imagined at the Canadian Canoe Museum.

To learn more about the Quetico Foundation and to help support our programs and mission to protect wilderness with a particular focus on Quetico Provincial Park, visit: www.queticofoundation.org

Photos by: Noah Cole and Ryan Rogers/CAPS community news and Judy