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There are 587 portages in Quetico Provincial Park. Half of the portages are longer than 254 metres and half are shorter. There are only two portages over 2.1 kilometres. Download map of Quetico portages with the ones that are less than 200m and 200m-400m in length highlighted.


Portages by Numbers

Quetcio portage graph showing the length of portages

587 count
198,040 total length (m)
337 average length (m)
254 median length (m)
155 25th%ile
409 75th%ile
32 minimum length
3029 maximum length

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Quicklist of Some Portages

Length (metres) Portage Name
89 Singing Brook Portage
139 Prairie Portage
156 Wheelbarrow Falls Portage
184 Brewer Rapids Portage
187 Louisa Falls Portage
202 Portage de Gros Rocher
207 Snake Falls Portage
213 Lower Basswood Falls Portage
240 Portage des Petite Islette
247 Rebecca Falls Portage
248 Dead Man’s Portage
252 Black Robe Portage
289 Canyon Falls Portage
307 Have A Smoke Portage
340 Portage de L’isle
376 Split Rock Falls Portage
401 Sue Falls Portage
419 Bottle Portage
448 Portage des Petitie Rocher
451 Portage de Roche Grenovilleus
516 Portage des Morts
562 Silver Falls Portage
581 Koko Falls Portage
596 North Portage
601 Cedar Portage
634 Big Knife Portage
656 Deux Rivieres Portage
679 Knife Portage
1007 Bonhomme Portage
1122 McAlpine Portage
1533 Sauvage Portage
2527 Death March Portages
3119 Memory Lane Portages

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