Meet The Trustee - Mikaela

“In work and life, I’m inspired by exploring the ever-growing unknowns around me.” – Mikaela Manley

Why Quetico?

Quetico is more than a provincial park – it is a place of awe, of history, of rich culture, and unparalleled nature that allows you to experience true tranquility and separation from modern distraction and stress. Quetico continues to teach those who visit and revisit its lakes, streams, and vast wilderness, deep respect, and appreciation for nature and its place as a home to many.

What does the foundation mean to you?

To me, the Quetico Foundation is a body that understands and acts on the need to protect Quetico Provincial Park as both a home to pristine wildlife and as a holder of history and culture.

What is your favourite spot in the park?

Any camping spot close to the water’s edge with a clear view of the sky, and at night to look up and spot the Northern Lights while listening to the lively park around you.

Most memorable Quetico experience?

Definitely participating in the six-day We are Canada United by Canoe voyageur canoe trip in Quetico alongside the Ridley Wilderness Youth Program. It was an amazing week of canoeing through Quetico filled with crashing over beaver dams, fireside chats, in-boat singing, learning about Quetico’s ecology from the park biologist, and learning from two amazing women from Lac La Croix about Quetico’s Indigenous history and culture.

What is the ONE thing you want others to know about Quetico?

That it’s more than just a wilderness area, take time to appreciate the life that it holds.

Years you’ve been involved with QF?


Why are wilderness spaces important to you?

They are places where we are given space and time to reflect, connect, be humbled, and be grounded.

Last book you read?

Beyond the Trees: A Journey Alone Across Canada’s Arctic by Adam Shoalts

Favourite interest or hobby?

Too many! I greatly enjoy rock climbing and exploring new places by either canoe or foot! I also love sitting on my cottage dock with a good book, listening to the lake and wildlife splash and play.

Something you’ve learned that’s stuck with you?

Keep an open mind and heart to new experiences, beliefs, and understandings, and learn to walk through life knowing you may know little, but desire to understand more.

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