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Quetico Provincial Park Awarded International Dark Sky Park Designation

Quetico Foundation is pleased to announce Quetico Provincial Park has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

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International Women and Girls in Science Day 2021

Photograph of Katie Tripp and Kelsey Atatise, Quetico Foundation Research Team working in the forest, collecting data

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Katie Tripp and Kelsey Atatise, Quetico Foundation Research Team

With the support of the Quetico Foundation, Kelsey and Katie have been involved in a number of research and monitoring projects important for the management of Quetico Provincial Park.

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Mental health benefits of the outdoors

Photograph of the view of the lake from the tent

Do you ever find yourself feeling calmer, more relaxed, or more focused after spending time in nature? That’s because time outside has studied and proven benefits for your mental health.

Mental illness affects one in five Canadians in any given year. Let’s talk about what some Vitamin N (nature) can do for your mental health.

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Artist in residence looks back at her experience

Beautiful landscape painting byJennifer Caieart

That pretty much sums it up! It was probably the best two weeks of my life… – Jennifer Caieart

An artist in residence program, what is it?

I had the best opportunity at Quetico Provincial Park, to be their Artist in Residence, the last week of June and the first one of July 2019.

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Meet The Trustee – Noah Cole

Noah Cole and a photograph of a loon he took

“In work and life, I’m inspired by nature, wilderness, the environment, insight, dedication, healthy natural systems, mentors and acts of altruism.” – Noah Cole

Why Quetico?

Quetico’s backcountry wilderness camping and canoe routes are unique Canadian locations in the province of Ontario where you can experience old growth forest, drink straight from many lakes, see eagles, moose, loons, songbirds, wildflowers, Canadian Shield, beaches and sunsets all within the same day – and develop leadership, bonding and memorable experiences while you’re at it.

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During this season of giving and sharing please generously donate to help support the Quetico Foundation

Sunset on Iron Lake

The Quetico Foundation is dedicated to the protection of wilderness with a particular focus on Quetico Wilderness Provincial Park since 1954. The Quetico Foundation primarily has two focuses; conducting ecological research and supporting academic studies to help protect the wilderness of Quetico Provincial Park, and helping students and young leaders connect to the beauty of Quetico’s wilderness, lakes and rivers through the joys, merits and benefits of wilderness canoe trips.

Please donate today to help the Quetico Foundation support protecting wilderness, connecting young leaders and students to Quetico via wilderness canoe excursions and wilderness research.

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Covid-19 Latest Excuse to Degrade Environmental Regulations

Hand holding a clear glass ball with waterfall in the background

By: William Stolz, Quetico Foundation, Acting Science Chair

Omnibus legislation has been around since the first parliamentary session in 1868. With no specific legal definition of what constitutes an ‘Omnibus Bill’ the process is basically grouping a variety of legislative changes for a specific purpose. Ontario’s newest piece of legislation, Bill 197 – An Act to amend various statutes in response to COVID-19 and to enact, amend and repeal various statutes (Covid-19 Economic Recovery Act is the short title) is the latest version of an omnibus bill. The fourth omnibus bill in two years, it affects 43 acts. Ontario Nature has created a detailed Backgrounder which further explains the environmental impacts of the Covid-19 Economic Recovery Act.

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Digitizing Oral History

Collage of photos of some of the voices heard on the tapes.

Quetico’s oral histories have been locked away on archival cassettes at the John B. Ridley Research Library — until now. Courtesy of history enthusiasts from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, they have come out of the vault and into our ears.

By digitizing our 400 (yes, 400) interviews, we hoped to preserve and share Quetico’s stories, in order to build connections to the people who travel here. Also, magnetic cassettes have a finite lifespan. As many of the interviews were conducted in the late ’70s and early ’80s, digitizing became a priority for the archive.

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Local Youth Awarded the Shan Walshe Bursary

2020 Shan Walshe Bursary recipient, Bjorn Van Der Loo

Quetico Foundation is pleased to announce Bjorn Van Der Loo the winner of the Shan Walshe Bursary.

Bjorn is an aspiring student who is pursing environmental sciences studies.

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Red Pine History Display

Red Pine Display at Quetico Provinical Park Visitor Centre

Construction is almost finished on an interpretative display that will focus on educating visitors about the role of forest fires in traditional indigenous culture and in sustaining the red and white pine populations. The exhibit will update an aged interpretive display at the Dawson Trail Campground. The Friends of Quetico and the Quetico Foundation are working together to financially support this important project.

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